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My name is Ryan Guerra. I'm a former touring musician who has also spent many years working in growing churches in western Canada. I'm married to Talasi and we have a two beautiful daughters named Avra and Katana.

I grew up as a rebellious preacher's kid, bent on making a disaster of my life. After a series of many crazy turns, my life was transformed by Jesus and I began walking down a completely different road. This revolutionary shift filled my life with the mission to help others experience the same life-change that I had.

A few short years after graduating high school, some of my friends and I started touring the world in a rock band called Kiros (You can check us out on Apple Music and Spotify). For nearly a decade, we spent our time releasing albums, playing over 1,400 shows, and sharing the truth about Jesus wherever we went.

I eventually decided to hang up my Les Paul and turn my attention to the local church. Having served as a pastor for many years at two different churches, I have the opportunity to preach and teach regularly, as well as lead and train others to advance the mission of the church. Not as cool as being a rock star, but I love it!

Nothing excites me more than to see people experience Jesus in their life and grow in their faith as they follow him. I am passionate about helping people discover their gifts, unlock their potential, and grow as leaders.

I would love to speak at your church, conference, or event, or offer coaching to your organization. So, get in touch and let's see how we can work together!

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